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Frequently Asked Questions

DoveStreet is the letting agent of choice for private landlords who choose to let their property to a key workers or other groups at the current market rent. Key workers came to the fore during COVID and many landlords see a social value in giving priority to this and other groups.

In 2019 the Office of National Statistics estimated that a third of the working population (over ten million people) were key workers. The same report said that over 1.75 million key workers rented from a private landlord. This is equates to around 1 in 5 rental households having at least one family member who is a key worker.

There is a shortage of rental property. Last November RightMove reported that 36 potential tenants were chasing every rental property. Similar reports are commonplace. Often private landlords are bombarded with enquiries which itself is a stressful experience. By being selective, landlords can remove a lot of this stress whilst contributing positively to social value at the same time.

There are some schemes through social housing providers where rent is classed as Affordable or Social Rent. However, this is not what DoveStreet offers. All the properties that we advertise are at current market rent by private landlords. We do not expect our landlords to discount their rent. The benefit of DoveStreet for key workers and other groups is that they will be competing with fewer potential applicants for the same property compared with the usual free-for-all.

Key workers defined as NHS, dentistry, professional carers, social workers, teachers & nursery staff, educational psychologists and therapists, teachers and nursery staff, fire & rescue service, armed forces, police, prison and probation, local authority planners, Environmental Health officers, postal workers including all support and administrative staff to these professions in the public and private sector.

At DoveStreet we pride ourselves on only dealing with the best landlords and tenants. We do not want landlords who cut corners or who are unreasonable. In return we ensure the we source high quality key worker tenants.

To reduce the risks of fraud to both landlords and tenants we shall require the following documentation:

From Landlords:
We shall require a copy of the current driving licence and passport of all registered property owners of the property that is to be let. The address on the driving licence must match the address on the current Land Registry entry. If you do not have a current driving licence or passport please let us know.

From tenants:
a completed application form with current driving licence and passport. If you wish to proceed with an application we shall require a reference from your employers company email address that we will subsequently verify by telephone. We do not accept personal references by email.

We also follow guidance from His Majesty's Customs and Revenue (HMRC) to safeguard against money laundering.

Recommendation for landlords and prospective tenants:
A landlord should not let a property to a tenant that they or their agent have not met. Similarly tenants should not take a tenancy on a property they have not seen in person. 

No, it is against the law to do so. 

Yes, we subscribe to the Client Money scheme. A certificate confirming our membership of this scheme can be downloaded here. Our client funds are held in a bank account authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are registered with HMRC for the purposes of Anti-Money Laundering supervision. Our registration is XQML00000188860.

Yes, we have indemnity cover of £750,000.

Yes, in this respect we are registered with The Property Redress Scheme, please see our certificate here. If you wish to make a complaint against us please refer to

Dove Street | FAQ | Property Letting Agent